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Album: In Finitude

Label: Vinyl Division

Release: June 04th, 2021


Featuring former members of well known doom metal units like Mourning Sun and Mar de Grises, the participants in Wooden Veins are by far no strangers to the scene. With the idea of creating a different kind of music, including sub genres and traces of other elements, they truly create their very own and other-worldy universe of sound.

With a wide range of ingredients, packed into a defined artistic concept & aesthetic, the band's upcoming debut is a deeply powerful piece of music, exploring the edge of extreme metal's territories.

Inspired by "Poética de Arturo H. Lobos", a book written by Wooden Veins' vocalist Javier Cerda, "In Finitude" talks about life and death, illusions and the existential reflections of being. A profoundly honest and personal debut by the band from Chile, as Juan Escobar reveals: "There are lyrical and musical moments that are very personal and sometimes it is difficult to convey so many emotions in a song. Throughout the creative process, we had several weeks giving meaning to this sound-journey, in the most natural way of expressing it, becoming part of it. In Finitude is an important part of us, of our lives, of the journey we embark on and that defines us as human beings."

"In Finitude" was recorded in different sessions between August and November 2020.

Drums recorded at Acronix Studios, Berlin

Guitars/Bass recorded at Vultura Studio

Vocals recorded at RVR Estudio

Keyboards Recorded at Cold Depths Studios

All Music by Eduardo Poblete except "In Finitude" by Juan Escobar

All Lyrics by Javier Cerda except "Invern" by Ezra Pound

Music arrangements by Juan Escobar

Mixed by Juan Escobar at Vultura Studio

Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Magnus Lindberg Productions

Artwork by Valnoir for Metastazis

Layout and photo edition by Eduardo Poblete